Your staff are more efficient, your customers are happy and you make more money.

Built for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

No more terminals for your staff to find! Customers pay and go in seconds and get rewards!  A win for you, a win for your staff and a win for your customers.

Compatible with your point of sale, real-time analytics, artificial intelligence and proven systems that increase customer loyalty.

JRG Example, private label app

Customers never wait to pay!

It’s as easy as … 1 … 2 … Go!

Receive your bill


1.        Scan or Enter amount to pay


2.        Confirm payment


Go!     Leave when ready

Split bills, pay only your portion.


Fingerprint ID or 4-digit PIN.


Never wait for a CC terminal again!

Mobile Payment vs Tapping

✅ Pay in seconds

✅ Pay your portion of the bill

✅ Digitally track expenses

✅ Earn double rewards points

✅ Redeem rewards easily

✅ Leave when you’re ready

Double Dip

Connect your favorite rewards credit card to the app and get points from your CC and the program offered.

Reward Status

Easily manage and track your rewards.


Promotions are automatically added. No extra work involved.

Digital Expense Tracking

All transactions are at your fingertips inside the app as well as on your CC statement.

Goodbye Clutter

Why? Because you don’t have to add another card to the pile!

Know your balance

Your balance is a glance away.


Locations Services and Bluetooth not required




of your customers want apps.


of smartphone users would download a loyalty application.

  • Accept Mobile Payments

    In-store transactions are up to 70% faster.

  • Reward Program, Coupons, eCards

    Customized to meet your customers wants and needs.

  • Powerful Marketing Tool

    Target by gender, age or type of customer. Use SMS, email & push notifications.

  • It's Your Digital Database

    Export anytime! The marketing opportunities are endless and profitable.

  • Always in Your Customers Pockets

    Keep them incentivized and your business front of mind.

  • Collect Money Now For Services Later

    Be cashflow happy, rewards are issued after cash has been collected.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Learn your customer's behaviors, know their next move.

  • Real Time Analytics

    Make fast decisions with confidence using real-time analytics.

Millennials (39%) engage with their smartphones more than they do actual humans.

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No physical cards


KiSSGC | The Ultimate Gift & Loyalty App

Use the Merchant Dashboard to customize your KiSSGC experience, stay connected with your customers, build loyalty and boost business.

  • Build your online customer database – an incredibly valuable marketing tool for any business!
  • Send direct push notifications, SMS or email about special promotions and sales directly to your customers.
  • Access real-time transactions, sales, and performance report to streamline your program for the best results.
  • Take advantage of social sharing features to boost your brand exposure

KiSSGC lets business owners like you cash in on the benefits of gift cards, coupons and loyalty programs without all the added costs and fees typically associated with them. Forget group buying and discounting–KiSSGC helps you get new customers and make money doing it!

  • KiSSGC makes it super easy for customers to buy from you–no cards to carry, just open the app!
  • Get paid right away–customers can buy gift cards at your point of sale, or through their smart device. 100% of the funds are deposited directly to you
  • No card printing or distribution necessary–simply email or text the e-card!
  • Customize your e-cards to match your brand.
  • Use KiSSGC with a simple loyalty program or set up an advanced tiered system..

Why? Because they don’t have to add another card to the pile! Your customers will love the convenience of our user-friendly mobile app, which allows them to:

  • Open your e-card in the app to pay
  • Reload their cards online
  • Send and receive gift cards quickly and easily
  • Get access to exclusive deals and promotions through their phone

KiSSGC is perfect for any kind of business


Offering a Premium App

Built on Spring Framework

We use the same technology Netflix uses. Spring helps development teams everywhere build simple, portable, fast and flexible applications.

Stripe & Moneris Payment Gateways

Both Moneris & Stripe handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

AWS Cloud Servers

Same security and encryption as bank apps. AWS is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided by

Designed for your customer

KiSSGC has a professionally designed user interface (UI) which provides a 1 touch user experience (UX) to get anywhere in the app.

Have your own branded app!

That makes you money!

Feature Sheet

KiSS stands for Keep It Super Simple and that’s exactly what this app does–it’s the easiest way to boost your sales using mobile payment, loyalty programs and coupons without printing and distribution headaches or added costs.

Private Label

$109.00monthly per location*

  • Customers use your branded apps
  • Customer App (Android & IOS)
  • ^Back Office App (Android & IOS)
  • 30 Days to be Live
*POS integration + $50/mth or $400/yr
*Minimum 2 locations
^Optional if your POS is integrated
Volume pricing starts at 26 locations

Set up fees vary based on number of locations

Requirements - Apple (iOS 9 or later) or Android (4.0.3 and up) mobile device connected to the Internet.

Yes, Yes & Yes

In your website dashboard, you add/delete your staff.

There are two levels of permissions.

  1. Can charge (reduce your customer’s balance).
  2. Can charge and load your customer’s app.

With STRIPE connected to your bank account, your customers can load their balance through the app too without involving your staff.

KiSSGC does not take any money or any percentages or charge any transactions fees. Money loaded onto customer cards is yours, you earned it.

Load your customer’s app four ways:

  1. They give you cash, and you increase their balance.
  2. You process your customer’s credit card the same you would any other transaction and then you update their balance.
  3. You gift your customers money.
  4. Your customers load their own app using their credit card.

All credit cards are processed through stripe. You are responsible for any transaction fees associated with processing credit cards or having a stripe account.

You have three options:

  1. Simple
  2. Tiered
  3. Advanced Tiered

An excellent loyalty program is worth every penny and should accomplish three things: 1. Increase revenue per visit 2. Increase number of visits 3. Build a list. There’s a science to creating an engaging and profitable program. We know how to do this at KiSSGC, and the app can manage such a program.

POS integration is available, please inquire to see if your POS has been integrated.

KiSSGC does not handle any money; all money flows directly to you either through your existing POS or through a corporate Stripe account that is connected directly to your bank account.

Standard procedure is to add a button to your current POS titled “Mobile APP”. If money is collected at your till and added to a customers app, it’s recorded under the Mobile App button.

Digital gift card balances are treated the same way as physical gift card balances. They are a liability in your books until you have rendered the product or service the customer has paid for in advance.

Coupons and offers are not liabilities because you can set an expiry date on them.

Bulk Send –  With the press of a button you can send your email database a short message along with an eCard, an eCoupon or Points.

You choose the amount, the offer or the number of points.

Our guarantee is simple, the app is an investment and will make you money, or you don’t pay!

IOS and Android