Why 1 + 1 = 3

Why 1 + 1 = 3

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Aristotle


Gomer, the goose, who migrates south for the winter with his fellow geese every year knows it is better to fly with the flock. Gomer knows flying in a “V” formation lets him fly 72% further than if he tried to fly alone. The migration south by a flock of geese is an example of synergy.


Synergy is defined, as “2 or more things coming together and their combined effect are greater than the sum of their separate effects.” Synergy is where 1+ 1 = 3.


Synergies may be elusive, but they are one of the most important objectives in business.

Evelyn walks into her favorite salon; she opens up the KiSSapp on her phone and sees that she is only 60 points away from a free manicure. Her balance is at $0. She says to herself “I could pay cash and be on my way, but I won’t get my 25 points and won’t be any closer to my reward. So she loads her e-card, pays with her phone and collects her points.

Two weeks go by, and Evelyn knows she is only 35 points away from her reward. She decides she will visit the salon sooner than later. She goes to the salon, pays with her phone, collects 25 more points but is still 10 points away from her free manicure. So she decides to buy another service that day to get the extra 10 points, and now her reward appears. A great feeling goes through her body, and she thinks to herself the next time I come here it’s on them.

The next day Evelyn is at a summer BBQ by the water, and all her girlfriends notice her new nails and compliment her. She smiles and lets them all know the next time she goes to the salon she gets a free manicure. All her girlfriends want to know how. She proudly pulls out her phone, opens up the KiSSapp and shows her girlfriends the salons e-card and points to the free manicure reward. Several of the girls mention that they want a free manicure too.

Evelyn knows she gets her reward, so she goes to the salon sooner than later. This time she also brings a friend with her.



Gift cards and loyalty programs are proven business tools, but what happens when you get them working together on a mobile app?

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The KiSSapp is designed to increase the frequency of your loyal customers, their average spend and build a digital database for you.  It’s also a great referral tool without the need to buy or rent any hardware.

Harvard business review showed that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by a minimum of 25%, which is another excellent example of synergy or in this case 1+5 = 25.