Connect Paypal To Mailchimp

Connect Paypal To Mailchimp

Did you know you can Connect Paypal To Mailchimp?

If you accept payments via PayPal, you can automatically add customers to your MailChimp list instantly.

When someone buys Speed-Sew from my website they are taken to Paypal to complete the transaction, I’m notified by email then ship the product.  The cool part is once the purchase has been made all their contact information is transferred into mailchimp and the magic happens.  A welcome email is sent immediately.  Then 2 weeks later another email is scheduled to follow up with them to make sure they got their product and are happy with it, another email goes out a week later asking for a review of the product and another week passes and another email goes out asking if they could send us a picture or post something online and use hashtag #SpeedSew.  Those specific autoresponders only go out to people who joined the list through paypal too.  This is done through segmentation.


To Get Started There Are A Couple Of Things You Need In Place.

  1. Mailchimp Account with a list created
  2. Paypal business account

Once those are set up connecting the 2 is fairly easy.


Let’s get the notification URL from Mailchimp 1st.

  1. Login into your Mailchimp Account and click Account from the drop down (top right)
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Scroll down until you find Paypal, click on it, Choose Your List then Copy the Notification URL to your clipboard



Now lets connect Paypal to Mailchimp

  1. Login into your Business or Premier Paypal Account
  2. Click Profile > Profile and settings > My selling tools
  3. You will see Instant Payment Notifications click Update
  4. You will see a Notification URL box – Paste the URL from Mailchimp and Click Save.

You may need to Click Edit Settings and Save “Receive IPN messages (Enabled)”

Now every time you receive money from a purchase through Paypal, you will also have MailChimp grab the data and manage it for you.