Customers never wait to pay!

It’s as easy as … 1 … 2 … Go!

Receive your bill


1.        Scan or Enter amount to pay


2.        Confirm payment


Go!     Leave when ready

Split bills, pay only your portion.


Fingerprint ID or 4-digit PIN.


Never wait for a CC terminal again!

Mobile Payment vs Tapping

✅ Pay in seconds

✅ Pay your portion of the bill

✅ Digitally track expenses

✅ Earn double rewards points

✅ Redeem rewards easily

✅ Leave when you’re ready

Double Dip

Connect your favorite rewards credit card to the app and get points from your CC and the program offered.

Reward Status

Easily manage and track your rewards.


Promotions are automatically added. No extra work involved.

Digital Expense Tracking

All transactions are at your fingertips inside the app as well as on your CC statement.

Goodbye Clutter

Why? Because you don’t have to add another card to the pile!

Know your balance

Your balance is a glance away.


Locations Services and Bluetooth not required