Frequently Asked Questions

Simply Loyalty Program

Use a simple point system.

This is the most common loyalty program methodology. Frequent customers earn points, which translate into some type of reward. Whether it’s a discount, a freebie, or special customer treatment, customers work toward a certain amount of points to redeem their reward.

Where many companies falter in this method, however, is making the relationship between points and tangible rewards complex and confusing.

“Fourteen points equals one dollar, and twenty dollars earns 50% off your next purchase in April!”

… that’s not rewarding, that’s a headache.

If you opt for a points-based loyalty program, keep the conversions simple and intuitive.

Although a points system is perhaps the most common form of loyalty programs, it isn’t necessarily applicable to every business type. It works best for businesses that encourage frequent, short-term purchases.

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Advanced Loyalty Program

Use our advanced system (tier) to reward initial loyalty and encourage more purchases.

Finding a balance between attainable and desirable rewards is a challenge for most companies designing loyalty programs. One way to combat this is to implement a tiered system which rewards initial loyalty and encourages more purchases.

Present small rewards as a base offering for being a part of the program, and then encourage repeat customers by increasing the value of the rewards as the customer moves up the loyalty ladder. This helps solve the problem of members forgetting about their points and never redeeming them because the time between purchase and gratification is too long.

The biggest difference between the points system and the tiered system is that customers extract short-term versus long-term value from the loyalty program. You may find tiered programs work better for a high commitment.

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Do reward points expire?

NO they do not, they automatically convert into rewards once enough points have been accumulated.

The main reward does not expire. Welcome Reward expires and cannot be earned again, Birthday Reward is only available for a 1 week window and expires but will appear again once earned, the Reward can accumulate.

The reason we convert points immediately into rewards is simply for backend logics…Once enough points are earned we then swap those points into a reward that can be redeemed.

Now if the merchant changes or modifies their reward program it doesn’t remove any rewards from their customers apps, once a reward is earned it has been earned…whether they redeem them or not is a different story.

Can I send my eCard to multiple Mobile #'s at one time?

The only way to send an eCard from your business to a list of unregistered people is via email. We currently we do not support this via SMS.

If you want to send individually from your business (through the Staff app) then the recipient needs to give you their username.  Ask them to download the app, register then you scan their QR Code.  

The reason behind this is because it eliminates human error. In the past we allowed staff to send eCards to unregistered recipients and it was shocking how many times they would incorrectly spell an email or mistype a mobile # and then the recipient stands there waiting, the staff stand there waiting and then say the app doesn’t work.

The room for human error has vanished by asking the customer to download, register and show their QR code to scan. Staff can only add money once registration is successful and they do not need to type anything.

If you want to transfer individually to an unregistered customer the only way is through the customer app. What other business owners do is they send themselves a large sum of money to their own business. Then they use the transfer balance feature.

Where does my money go?

The KISS app does not take any money or any percentages or charge any transactions fees. 100% of your customers money minus any fees charged by the credit card processing company is deposited directly into your account.

Kiss does not have access to your account in any way.  The money is yours, your earned it not us.

How does KiSSGC work with my POS?

KiSSGC does not handle any money, all money flows directly to you either through your existing POS or through a corporate stripe account that is connected directly to your bank account.

Standard procedure is to add a button to your current POS titled “KiSSGC”. If money is collected at your till and added to a customers eCard it would be recorded under the KiSSGC button.

Since 100% of the stripe money is from your customers through the app, the flow of money is very straight forward for your accountant.

Can staff manage the KiSSGC Staff app?

Yes, Yes & Yes

In your Merchant Dashboard on the website you can add/delete staff. There are 2 levels of staff.

  1. ALL staff can charge cards (reduce your customers balance).
  2. A PIN is assigned to specific Staff who can load $$$ onto your customers eCards.

All transactions are tied to a staff member.

Only staff granted permission to load $$$ onto eCards can do so with a PIN that you created for them.

When loading an eCard, staff will select a transaction type

  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Pro bono (Gifted)
  • Refund

With STRIPE connected to your account your customers can load their own cards through the app too.

What is Bulk Send?

Bulk Send –  With the press of a button you can send your email database a short message along with an eCard, an eCoupon or Points.

You choose the amount, the offer or number of points.

What is a Push Notification?

Push Notifications are a very cool feature that allows you to send anyone who has an eCard with your business a message / promotion directly to their device.

You can customize the message / promotion based on gender and age.

For example send a Valentine’s message / promotion to males 25 years and older.

You can send 1 Push Notification a week to your customers for free.

How is money loaded onto customer cards?

KiSSGC does not take any money or any percentages or charge any transactions fees. Money loaded onto customer cards is yours, you earned it.

Your customers digital gift cards can be loaded 4 ways:

  1. They give you cash and you increase their balance using the Staff app.
  2. You process your customers credit card the same you would any other transaction and then you update their balance using the Staff app.
  3. You gift your customers money via the Staff app.
  4. Your customers load their own e-cards using their credit card.

All credit cards are processed through stripe. You are responsible for any transaction fees associated with processing credit cards or having a stripe account.

What does my accountant need to know?

Digital gift card balances are treated the exact same way as physical gift card balances. They are a liability in your books until you have rendered the product or service the customer has paid in advance for.

Coupons and offers are not a liabilities because you can set an expiry date on them.

Can I offer my customers a physical card?

We see the physical card as an added cost to you as well it’s not a majority anymore. Yes there are still a few people out there that would prefer a physical card today. We surveyed a large sample size and found out that 63% and climbing would prefer an app.

It’s important to note that the age range of the sample size who want 63% was 35- 60 too. We feel the percentage is low since the new generation was not surveyed.

For this reason we like to think we are saving you time and money by not providing physical cards.

Difference between Merchant login and Customer login?

Merchant login for the app is created when you register your business.  You must use the username and password you provide during your merchant account set up.

As a merchant you might have 3 places to Sign In:

  1. Dashboard – Via the web where you add/remove staff, create your loyalty program, view all your transactions, send promotions etc..
  2. Merchant App – For your staff to redeem and load customer cards.
  3. Customer App – The same as if you were your own customer.

Customers sign in using the customer side of the app only using their mobile # or email.

Can I switch my current customers from a physical card to the KISSapp?

Yes, yes & yes

There is no bulk way of doing this, you would have to redeem their cards then gift/load that amount to them through the merchant app if they want to switch.

Can I change my loyalty program?