Getting Things Done!

Getting Things Done!

My BIG take away from David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done”

Although Getting Things Done is probably more for the high level corporate executive I did gain some valuable insight that has already made my life easier and less stressful. Your brain has a hard drive (subconscious) and Ram (Conscious) like a computer.  The hard drive is great for storing stuff however the Ram is used for stuff that is open and running.  If you have many programs open and running they slow your computer down.

Let’s Compare Your Conscious Mind To Ram In Your Computer

We all have busy lives and when you leave anything undone it sucks energy from you like an open program on a computer using Ram.  Having tons of little undone things that eat away at you suck your productivity way down and increase your stress level without you even knowing it.

  • Do you have a pile of papers to be filed?Getting things done
  • A corner in your house that collects stuff?
  • A drawer that looks like a bomb went off in it?
  • A garage that you want to park your car in?
  • Is your accounting up to date?
  • Maybe you business is totally disorganized?

More than a few years ago I knew I had to get organized and I hired a professional organizer (Tidy Tiger Solutions) and although Michelle came in and did stuff I could have done, she made me do it!  Within a week I was totally organized, how good a feeling is that? I’m still organized almost 10 years later.

Another fantastic experience I had was getting a professional stager to stage my place I had for sale. Isabelle from Flow Home Staging & Design came in and literally told me to get rid of half my stuff. At 1st I was insulted but after living in a decluttered and staged place I have never gone back.

My Takeaway From Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done says to not even have a place to put papers to be filed. If something takes less then 2 minutes to do, do it NOW! If you don’t do it now it will take you longer then 2 minutes to figure it out and do it later.  Have your filing system within reach of your desk. Get all your little to-do’s done and off your list and free up your mind (Ram) to be more productive. Create a list of everything you need to do, this gets it off of your mind.

There Are Only 2 Problems In Life

  1. You know what you want and you don’t know how to get it.
  2. You don’t know what you want.

If this is true? Then there are only 2 solutions.

  1. Make it up
  2. Make it happen