How To Move Your Cards From Your Wallet To Your Phone

How To Move Your Cards From Your Wallet To Your Phone

Are you like me, do you have a wallet full of credit cards, bank cards, gift cards and loyalty cards? 33 is how many I had in my wallet when I counted them.  That does not include my driver’s license and 2 primary credit cards that I always use. I started thinking how can I move my physical cards from my wallet to my phone and from there the hunt began.

Move your physical cards with barcodes from your wallet to your phone.

There are several options out there in the world wide web, here is the one that I found to be the best. It was intuitive and user friendly. Stocard is available for both Android (rated 4.4 from almost 64,000 reviews) and Apple (rated 4.5 Stars from almost 1000 reviews). With the Stocard app I was able to eliminate 7 physical cards from my wallet and I eliminated 3 apps from my phone by adding the barcode # to Stocards.  Although the app did not clean out the 33 cards from my wallet it certainly helped.  Stay tuned for a complimentary app (The KISS App is coming soon) that will eliminate another stack of cards from your wallet. Leaving you with only your ID cards and cards that still use a magnetic strip.

How To Move Your Cards From Your Wallet To Your Phone

4 reasons to use the Stocard App even with businesses that have an app.

  1. Nothing sucks more than an app on your phone or a program on your computer that takes even a few seconds to load.
  2. What about an app that is not intuitive, every time you go into the app it seems to be a chore to find the barcode.
  3. Some corporate apps try to bombard you with promos and advertising.
  4. Finally it’s just easier to have everything under one roof.

Save-On-Foods has an app that is a slug in the modern world and I would rather pull my hair out then stare at my phone while the app loads. Even after it loads it’s 3 clicks to get the barcode open. Solution – enter barcode into Stocards and now it’s at your fingertips in seconds.  I have also done this with my Cineplex Scene card because I could never navigate easily to the barcode in their app. My Shoppers Drug Mart barcode is in my Stocard app as well so I don’t have to look through all their coupons.

I hope this app helps you declutter and simplify your life, please comment below and tell us how many cards you think you have in your wallet(s)?