How to sell a product to a Millennial

How to sell a product to a Millennial

How to sell a product to a Millennial and Imagine never having to discount!

As a consumer I love the deep discount websites and the deal apps out there but as an owner they’re horrible. Have you ever bought a deal? Did you ever become a repeat customer? I have yet to meet a single person who has.

The issue with providing a discount is that the customer expects the discount every time and it’s a vicious circle that’s hard to break.

With the world so connected through mobile devices how come we still have to carry cards around and tap and enter pins? Wouldn’t it be cool if your customers could just send you money from their phones and it would go directly into your bank account? No terminals, all done wirelessly.

It’s the 1st time in the history of the world where the younger generation are teaching the older generation. The millennials now outnumber baby boomers as the largest demographic in the world and they are all connected 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I know because I have 3 teenagers.

How to sell a product to a Millennial

Millennials will spend their entire savings to be connected, they would rather go hungry than go without their mobile device and studies show they will even choose their mobile device over sex. Are you ready for them and those they teach?

Statistics show they are fiercely loyal to a few and not at all to many. If you can get a few of them to be loyal to you the benefits are massive because they all talk to each other.

What does the largest demographic in the world want? They want to use their mobile devices and they want to feel important, especially if they are advertising for you. They want to be rewarded for being loyal otherwise they are happy to go somewhere else. What if you took your advertising budget and gave it back to the ones who are loyal to you?

Instead of discounting and losing money at the till, take money that you’ve already collected and give it back to your best customers in the form of added value or perceived value.

If marketers want to sell a product to a millennial, focus the marketing around it as more of an experience than a possession.

Times have changed and punch cards are becoming a thing of the past, another card to keep, something else to keep track off. How do you make it a way better experience for the customer and a better experience for your business?

You walk into your favourite business and when it comes time to pay you enter the amount in your mobile device, add a tip if you like and press pay. This allows the business to give back to customers based on their loyalty. The customer gets rewarded and becomes fiercely loyal.

The solution is built for you

The solution is the KiSSGC app.  KiSS stands for keep it super simple and that’s what we’ve done. Now you can have an app that’s branded to your business and connected to your bank account.

For the last 2 years I studied human behaviour and what makes us tick, what releases dopamine into our brains. I also studied and dissected all the very best loyalty programs out there. I polled thousands of consumers and business owners on the topic loyalty programs and from all this information is the birth of the KiSSGC app.

Built on the same technology as Netflix, using cloud servers with Amazon AWS and with the same security and encryption as bank apps the KiSSGC app was built right. Professionally design user interface with the user experience at the forefront.

Turns out because we are giving the consumer what they want in turn the app becomes an extremely powerful marketing tool for you. The app is connected to a backend admin where you can see who your best customers are and when its their birthday. Send targeted messages via SMS, email or push notification and so much more.

All the heavy lifting is done for you, follow our formula for building a world class loyalty program that’s profitable and rewarding.

Have your very own app for your business that’s as good as the best apps out there, its now possible for your business to play on the same field as nationally recognized corporations.

Do you know how many businesses can say they have their own app?

3%, you will be ahead of 97% of businesses once you have a mobile app to offer to your customers.  Speed up in store transactions by 70%, increase customer spend and increase customer frequency.

KiSSGC truly is a win win.