If you put $1 in a slot machine and $3 always came out…

If you put $1 in a slot machine and $3 always came out…

If $3 always came out of the slot machine after you put $1 in, how many times would you add a $1?

Most businesses treat marketing as an expense but shouldn’t it be an investment? The sole purpose of marketing is to bring new business and keep existing business.  Marketing is supposed to make you money. Why keep doing the things that are an expense?

How to turn $1 into more dollars with the KiSSapp

We have an app that allows businesses to manage their gift cards and loyalty programs virtually. The best plan gives you 1500 e-cards. It costs you the same whether 20 people have an e-card to your business or 1500 have an e-card. What if you sent everyone on your list and everyone you met an e-card for a small denomination to your business? People pick up dimes off the ground, they are not going to refuse a $5 virtual gift card from you. Something that will go into their phone, something that causes zero inconvenience.

slot-machine$5 would work for a cafe or a restaurant, maybe for your business the small denomination is $100? We have a laser spa who’s clients regularly spend close to $1000 for treatments so their small denomination is higher.

Let’s stick with the restaurant example and $5. Now someone has a $5 e-card on their phone for your business that cost you nothing to send to them. You didn’t have to actually pull $5 from your bank account you just decide the amount and send it to them. When that person comes to use their gift card what is your actually cost to provide them $5 worth of service? $2? If they spend $35 at your restaurant will you make money even after the $5 discount? More importantly you got someone to walk through your doors and you got the opportunity to impress and create a repeat customer.

Because the denomination was low they won’t feel they need to always get a discount either and as a bonus your e-card is tied to a loyalty program too which will now incentives them to come back sooner.

Traditional marketing would cost you XYZ then you hope to get business, with the KiSSapp you generate your own denomination which has a higher perceived value than your actual cost and the only time you have to cash it in is after the customer spends with you.

You can start a 14-trial right now and test it our for yourself. Have your branded e-card and loyalty program live today.