An opportunity for small to medium businesses to have their own branded app on Google Play and in the App Store.

Mobile payments, coupons, rewards and a gift card solution all in one.

Show me another app like it? There isn’t one!

KiSSGC allows businesses to play on the same level as large national chains!

Where can a business today get a custom world class app on the App Store and in The Play Store in 30 days for the price we offer.  10% of the cost in 1/12th the time.

Why I built the app

As a business owner deep discounting drove me nuts!  They attract deal hunters, not loyal customers.

For two years I studied and analyzed my habits as well as the psychology of others along with what loyalty plans worked and created KiSSGC.

Branded app for businesses that boosts profits and customer engagement.

Save time and money – No cards, no stamps, no hardware to buy or rent!

A cashless payment system that’s quick, simple and easy. Customers can load their own cards, see their balance and transfer any amount via email or text.

Only 3% of businesses offer an app, now all can.

The new way to build a digital list.

Daily deals give you deal hunters, KiSSGC gives you loyal customers.

4 transaction types – reward program, promotions, mobile payment and gift cards all in one!

Small to medium businesses can now have an app that’s as good as the big boys!

Let staff build relationships with customers while KiSSGC manages backend details.

Merchants are now in their customers pockets.

Stop Discounting and Start Rewarding!

Mobile Payment, Loyalty, Coupons & eCard solution for businesses.

Rewards programs made easy for business

Ditch your physical gift and loyalty cards


One digital card, 4 transaction types