Hello Nicole,
We private label an app that manages Rewards, Coupons, Gift Cards & Mobile Payments. Very similar to Loyaltyplant but not the same. We have a client who uses you and us and has asked us to reach out about integration.
We want our mutual customers to be able to accept payments from the app, and the amount will communicate with your POS.
There are a few ways we do this, but most clients either print a receipt with a QR Code or have a forward facing screen with a QR Code displayed. The customer scans the code, then amount owing displays on their phone. The customer chooses a tip percentage then confirms payment.
Payment comes from a balance already on the customer’s app. This balance encourages more frequent visits as well as a higher average spend.
Once payment is confirmed the check will close in the POS, tips allocate accordingly.
The QR Code usually has 2 or all of these elements:
  1. Check #
  2. Location ID
  3. Department ID
  4. Server ID
It’s a really cool customer experience:
  1. Scan QR Code
  2. Select Tip
  3. Confirm Payment
It is also an excellent experience for the servers and allows them to focus more on the customer.
  • No need to get a machine after dropping off the check (Dining environments).
  • No need to close the check in the POS, it automatically happens and can be verified visually.
  • Avg tips are higher because customers never wait for a machine.
Providing a great customer experience is the beginning because when they pay with the app, they get points which eventually turn into rewards. The need for the points gets the customers reloading their balance which… see above!
Our differentiator to all other apps out there is that we:
  • Private Label the app so the merchant is not pushing a 3rd party app
  • The merchant gets full access to their database and can push coupons and push notifications to specific genders and age groups
  • Because we have customer data and have integrated, we can provide artificial intelligence about the customer.
  • We have real-time analytics as well.
  • There is one other secret that I will withhold 🙂
  • We also have the ability to add online ordering through Monkey Media Solutions who is already integrated with you.
What else do you want to know?


Owen Clark

CEO / Principal