Step One (Day 1)

Send HHS form to the applicant or fill it out for them.

  • Submissions are redirected here with instructions to set up STRIPE

Step Two (Day 2 or 3)

KiSSGC receives the HHS form; a contract is drafted and emailed directly to the client.
Once signed they’ll be redirected to a custom link to make their initial payment per the contract.

We need contact info for

  • Their Controller to set up the payment pieces and start thinking how they want to manage the transactions.
  • Their Lead designer for their corporate colour codes/stylesheet.

Once the contract is signed and the 1st payment received we commence.

Step Three (Can be done anytime)

Schedule a meeting to sit down with management (2 hours) and help them build a reward program based on our expertise and suggestions.

Step Four (Day 4 – 9)

We create a prototype mockup of their app.
  • Colour codes are pulled from their website unless they provided the requested colour code/stylesheet document for their brand.

Step Five (Day 10 – 14)

Once the prototype is approved, we start building the app.
Another form is sent requesting this information which is for the App Store and Google Play.:
  • App Title
  • Short description
  • Full description
  • List of keywords

If they do not respond we grab information from their website and do it.

Step Six (Day 15 – 20)

The proposed screenshots for the App Store and Google Play are sent to be approved.
We will let them know their app will only be available in Canada and the USA if applicable.

Step Seven (Day 21 – 30)

We upload their apps (Apple and Google), once live we will start the testing phase in store with them. Once approved we will train them.