Step One

  1. Apply and be approved by POS
  2. Receive documentation then study documentation
  3. If documentation is good then we can proceed otherwise questions need to be answered

Step Two 

  • Choose the best way to integrate
  • Build an integration plan
  • Map out the plan
  • Does the merchant need any special licences? If so have them set up.


Step Three 

  • Delegate steps to be done (e.g. Backend Website, QR Code, Apps, & Code)
  • Start building the integration pieces

Step Four 

  • Install POS on PC or Tablet
  • Learn how the POS works
  • Connect a printer to the POS

Step Five

  • Learn what configurations need to be set up in the POS to be able to scale

Step Six

  • Connect apps to back-end server
  • Connect integration to back-end server
  • Start Testing

Step Seven

  • Implement in Launch 2 locations
  • After 1 week of both locations being live, launch remaining.

After the first Merchant is LIVE with the POS provider all that needs to be done is Step 5 and Step 7 for merchants that follow.