Discounting Kills!

Discounting Kills!

KiSSGC lets you turn your business with one app into a solid profitable business that never has to discount.


For those of us in retail sales who are frustrated with customer acquisition we know that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by a minimum of 25%.


With the KiSSGC app we solve your frustration of acquisition in minutes by using our formula to attract and retain loyal customers. The app will build your list for you.


Now you will have instant access to your customers directly through an easy to use interface. Target your customers by age, gender, birthday, whether they are an A customer, inactive customer or anything in between.


Sourcing this data for your business would otherwise be impossible. Knowing who your customers are to me is the fastest way to increase sales. Cast out deal hunters and focus on retention and loyal customers.


The formula is so simple, that’s why it’s overlooked. Contact us now to learn more!