The Secret Behind Starbucks Gift Card Loyalty App and How You Can Do it too

The Secret Behind Starbucks Gift Card Loyalty App and How You Can Do it too

It’s no secret that Starbucks’ mobile app has been a runaway success.

The first quarter of 2016 alone, Starbucks’ customers loaded more than $1.2 billion on its cards and mobile app– that’s more money than some banks!

The reason behind the app’s success is simple: Starbucks combined their gift card and loyalty programs into an app optimized for mobile payment.

Starbucks has strategically outcompeted mobile payment offerings from tech giants such as Apple and Google so far, and one of the key differences is that the tech giants in the mobile payment space are primarily focused on their device (or brand).

Instead of trying to keep payment exclusive to a particular phone or operating system or brand, the Starbucks app is widely available on both iOS and Android. This automatically opens up the potential market share and user base to everyone with a smartphone.




The Google and Apple versions also require that businesses purchase NFC (Near Field Communication) Point-of-Sale systems, while the Starbucks app is easily implemented into its existing POS system. Even better is that their POS system is widely available and widely used by many businesses, not just Starbucks- maybe even yours?



That is crucial because no merchant or business owner wants to spend thousands of dollars implementing NFC-enabled Point-of-Sales systems without significant benefits.


And while at first glance it may seem weird that a mobile payment app from a coffee company is killing it compared to similar offerings from Apple and Google, Starbucks has leveraged their advantages to the tune of over 11 million users!

In February 2016 alone, 7 million orders went through mobile devices in the U.S.

That’s a lot of lattes!

In the grande scheme of things, the Starbucks app was an in-venti-ve way to give both their cafes and customers more convenience while building loyalty at the same time.


That’s great for Starbucks, but where does that leave you?

You may be thinking to yourself, “I’m a small business owner, and Starbucks is a billion dollar company. How can I possibly get a piece of that kind of money?”

That’s where the KISSGC app comes in. Mobile Payment + Reward Program + Gift Cards + Promotion = KISS

KISS is an acronym for “Keep It, Super Simple,” and that’s exactly what it does- saving you the costs of building your own app and marrying your loyalty and gift card programs together. All while not taking a single cent of transactional fees!.

This saves you time and money, rewards repeat customers for their loyalty and encourages others to come by through push notifications and promotions sent directly to their phones.

KISSGC is fast, easy to use, and ready to go within minutes!

It seamlessly complements your existing POS infrastructure to enable mobile payments, like Starbucks, and to receive payment you simply need to confirm the transaction with your device.

KISSGC is your all-in-one app, so Keep It, Super Simple.

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