Customer App

How to auto reload your eCard the way you want.

How to transfer any balance to a friend or family member.

How to edit your profile, password, PIN & notifications

How you redeem a reward or coupon from the customer-facing app

How to Refer A Friend

How to load your eCard with your credit card

Back Office App

How to  load your customer’s eCard with dollars or points.

Receive payments from customers

How to decline a customer’s payment

How staff can see and redeem TIPS

Merchant Admin

Send any of the following to your existing customers or to a list.

  • eCard
  • Points
  • Dollars
  • Coupons
  • Push Notifications

Click Merchant Sign In the top menu or go here

Private label links are unique to each https://[PrivateLabelName].kissgc.com/login


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