Visible tweets for your next event

Visible tweets for your next event

Have you ever thrown a business gathering?

Next time project a twitter feed on a wall and use Visible Tweets.

Visible Tweets is a great way to create interaction among your audience and to get free advertising on the streams of twitter.  I have projected a twitter wall at many business events and on several occasions have created a trend on twitter.  If you project a feed and have a hashtag for your audience to use they will use it and if it is used enough it will trend on twitter.

Visible Tweets

 This is a screenshot form Visible Tweets

The transition from tweet to tweet is great.

Here is what happens at an event. People tweet about how great your event is using the hashtag you provided and then they wait to see their tweet on the wall. The transition from tweet to tweet is very engaging and soon everyone who uses twitter will be posting so that their message is shown and if this is done enough you end up with a trending keyword.

Another cool part about using visible tweets!

If your event is so big that it’s not physically possible to meet everyone, the next day you can search the hashtag on twitter and connect with everyone who engaged.  Tweet away, meet who you meet and then connect with the rest the next day. How awesome is that?

This video shows you how Visible Tweets works

Do you know any other great twitter walls to project at a business event?  Have you ever done this at an event?  How did it go for you?